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“Beatrice” cheese 45%

Smell and taste: Pronounced cheesy, with the presence of spicy and slight sourness without extraneous taste and smell, not peculiar to cheese.
Consistency: Homogeneous, plastic, elastic. The cheese-eyes are round, oval or irregular in shape. The uneven arrangement of the cheese-eyes and the absence of a pattern in individual cheese heads are allowed.
Expiration date: 240 days at a storage temperature from 0 ° C to plus 6 ° C.


  • JSC "Zdravushka - Milk" branch of the Slutsk cheese factory"


Physical and chemical properties

Ingredients: Normalized pasteurized cow's milk, iodized table salt,
bacterial starter culture of lactic acid microorganisms, sealer - calcium chloride,
milk-converting enzyme preparation of animal origin, preservative–sodium nitrate,
food additives: chicken egg protein enzyme - lysozyme, natural dye "Annatto"

Name of the indicator: The standard for the product
Mass fraction of fat in dry matter 45±1,6%
Mass fraction of moisture 44%
The mass fraction of moisture in the fat-free substance 58,1-59,5% inclusive
Mass fraction of table salt 1,5-3,0%


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